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Frequently Asked Questions about the Official Satchel Paige Web Site

I would like to sell merchandise/create an ad campaign using Satchel Paige. Who do I contact?
If you would like to use the name, image, likeness or signature of any of Satchel Paige, please fill out our Business Inquiries form to the best of your ability. The form will be forwarded on to a Marketing Executive for review.

I am looking for a particular picture of Satchel Paige; can you help me find it?
To find photos not shown on the official Satchel Paige web sites, please visit one of a number of on-line image banks. Suggested site is: Corbis Images.

Can I use graphics and/or images from this Web sites?
Luminary Group LLC does not grant permission for use of copyrighted artwork/graphics without a license and/or permission.

I am doing a research paper/school report on Satchel Paige; can you give me more information?
All of the information Luminary Group LLC has about Satchel Paige is on this Web site If there is information you cannot find on this site, you may be able to find a more complete biography at your local public library.

Is my e-mail going directly to Satchel Paige's family?
Your e-mail does not go to the family personally. Your e-mail goes to the Internet Coordinator of Luminary Group LLC, the company that represents the name/image/likeness of the client of interest. Although we encourage your thoughts on the site, it is not likely that the family will see your e-mail.

Will you answer my e-mail?
Luminary Group LLC tries to answer as many e-mails as possible, however, the volume at which we receive them sometimes makes this task impossible. We cannot guarantee that your e-mail will be answered.

Can I have an autograph of Satchel Paige?

Unfortunately, Luminary Group LLC does not distribute autographs of our clients.

Can I link my Web site to yours?
Of course you can! No need to ask us to link to our Web sites, as a matter of fact, we welcome it. Send us an e-mail if you want US to link to YOU. (Please only submit Web sites with relevancy to the specific client whose site you would like for us to put your link on. Luminary Group LLC reserves the right to refuse these requests.)

I have memorabilia/autograph of Satchel Paige; can you tell me how much it is worth?
Our memorabilia experts are able to provide professional appraisals on all sports and entertainment related items. There is a nominal fee for this service, which will include a written appraisal. We also are actively purchasing vintage sports memorabilia and can provide auction services for those who wish to sell their items. For more information, please visit Luminary Group LLC.

I am looking for information that is not on your site; can you answer my question?

All of the information we have on Satchel Paige is on this site.

I think there is false information on one of your Web sites Who do I tell?
Tell us! Although we always try to get all of the facts straight, sometimes it is impossible. If you think a fact is wrong on a site, please don't hesitate to tell us. We'd be more than happy to check it out!